"Sheep with removable wool" Crochet Pattern

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A crochet sheep with fluffy yarn.
The body inside looks like a pig, but it looks relatively gallant.

Actually, the background to this work was a request from my second son when he was still small.
Suddenly I was asked to crochet the sheep, and when I was looking for a quick way to crochet, I completed a sheep that could be crocheted without cutting or joining yarn.

When I introduced it on Instagram, I received more feedback than I had imagined, so someday I wanted to make it into a recipe, but time passed ... Finally, I was ready.
If you like it, please try crocheting it.

It is a work that can be crocheted without significantly deviating from the basic crocheting method, but I also have a support video of the key points (this is not a recipe sale without video commentary).

If you crochet one, you can easily crochet one after another, so you may be able to make a sheep farm!

Crochet pattern Sheep with removable wool work imageCrochet pattern Sheep with removable wool tummy side

Mostly basic technique: ★★★★☆
Difficult to make mistakes: ★★★☆☆
Good tempo: ★★☆☆☆
Completed in a short time: ★★★★★

[crochet pattern]

This pattern includes charts and additional textual explanations.

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