Community Gallery

Check out the new feature, "Community Gallery", on our product page to see everyone's finished projects!

On the Ronique website, we have set up a corner called "Community Gallery" where you can show off your works crocheted with Ronique's crochet patterns.

Even if you crochet with the same pattern, each crochet has its own individuality, and just looking at it makes me excited.

 The selection of yarn and texture is different, and the work itself has its own individuality, but it is even more interesting to think that the purpose of crocheting and the story until completion are not the same.

I hope that those who want to crochet from now on can also refer to it.

The Ronique website and online shop have been renewed in 2021, but the "Community Gallery" is still ongoing.

At the time of the renewal, all the free patterns on the homepage were re-posted, so the works of the free pattern "Community Gallery" were posted on the corresponding pattern page.

On the other hand, many of the paid patterns were not listed on the Ronique Store, so the paid patterns "Community Gallery" were temporarily posted on the summary page of the Ronique website.

Two years after the renewal, the number of paid patterns and posted works on the online shop has increased. Therefore, I created a "Community Gallery" page for each Ronique Store pattern and added a link to each product page.

By following this link, you can also browse the "Community Gallery" more smoothly at the Ronique Store.

The link is here on the product page!

Patterns in which one or more works have been posted will have a "Community Gallery" link in front of the product description on the product page (if no works have been posted yet, there will be no link).

Clicking on the link will take you to another page with "Community Gallery".

Share your works with the "Community Gallery"!

To submit your work, please visit the submission page. Details regarding the submission process are provided on the submission page.
"Community Gallery" submission page