I haven't received an email after making a purchase.

After purchase, the following two emails will be automatically sent to your email address.
・Purchase completion email with order number
・Email with download link

If you do not receive these emails, the following cases are the most likely of the various causes, so please check.
[1] The registered e-mail address is incorrect
[2] Impact of email reception restriction settings
[3] The mailbox on the server is full
[4] Sorted to junk mail folder
[5] The e-mail address associated with the payment method is different from the e-mail address currently used, and the e-mail is sent to the e-mail address that is not currently used.

In case of [1] [5]
Please contact us using the inquiry form with the following details.
・Order number
・Correct email address

In case of [2]
After setting both "@ ronique.jp" and "@ shopify.com" to be receivable, please contact us using the inquiry form with the following details.
・Order number

If you make an inquiry, we will resend two emails after confirmation.

There is no response when I press the download button.

If you open an email with the email app on your smartphone and browse the download page with the in-app viewer, pressing the download button may not respond. We apologize for the inconvenience, but could you please open the download page in your default browser (Safari for iPhone, Chrome for Android, etc.) and try to download it?

No URL Provided in Download Email

After your purchase, two automated emails will be sent to your registered email address:
"Thank you for purchasing from [Ronique Store]" email
Email containing the download link

If you do not receive these emails, please check the following common scenarios among various possible causes:
[1] Incorrect email address registered
[2] Impact of email reception restriction settings
[3] Mailbox on the server is full
[4] Emails being sorted into the spam/junk folder
[5] The email address associated with the payment method is different from the one currently in use, and the email is being sent there

▼ If [1] or [5] applies, please contact us via the inquiry form with the following information:
Your name
Order number
Correct email address

▼ If [2] applies, please make sure to set your email to allow reception from both "@ronique.jp" and "@shopify.com" domains, and then contact us via the inquiry form with the following information:
Your name
Order number

Once we receive your inquiry, we will confirm and resend the two emails.

Can I have it printed on paper?

I'm sorry, but we do not offer printing services, and printed versions of patterns are not provided.

Can I get instructions on how to arrange the piece?

Generally, questions regarding customization methods are not covered under our support.

For items that can be customized, the pattern includes instructions for customizations. We request that purchasers try customizations based on the provided instructions at their own discretion.
Patterns without instructions for customization are likely to be challenging to modify. Changing the shape or size of such items would require actually crocheting them, and without doing so, we cannot provide a definite answer.
Therefore, as it is akin to creating a new piece from scratch, we regret to inform you that it is not covered under our support. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Support video not found in search

Please try clicking the link provided in the pattern to access the video.
When you hover over the video URL listed in the crochet pattern PDF, the pointer will change from an arrow to a hand pointing, so click the link to access it.

If you want to access the video by copying the URL, you can enter the URL in the web browser's address bar to access the video.
Please note that you cannot access the video by entering the URL in the YouTube search bar.

I don't understand how to crochet, can you provide a video?

We do not offer a service to create individual videos.
For patterns that come with instructional crocheting videos, we specify this on the product page.
If there is no such mention for a particular pattern, it means we do not have a video available. Please check before making a purchase.

How can I change my registered email address?

You can change your e-mail address using the inquiry form.
Please contact us with the following details.
・ Name
・ Current email address
・ New email address

Can I sell a piece crocheted with Ronique's crochet pattern?

We are sorry, but please refrain from selling works crocheted with Ronique's crochet pattern (both paid and free).
There are various types of sales such as flea market, auction sites, consignment sales, personal websites, and handmade events, but we considers all of them as commercial use and prohibits them.

Can I use Ronique's crochet pattern when doing a knit cafe?

It is possible to use it at a knit cafe that is not for profit. It cannot be used at a knit cafe that costs participation fees (lecture fees, material costs, etc.) other than food and drink.
In addition, please refrain from using it in knit cafes for business promotion and attracting customers.

Can I make a video of how to crochet Ronique's crochet pattern and upload it to YouTube?

It is prohibited to upload Ronique's crochet pattern on SNS or online, or to upload the crocheting method as a video.
Please read it as it violates the Terms of Service.
In addition, even if it is added that it is a work of Ronique, we will refuse it.

Can I donate my work crocheted with the Ronique pattern to charity?

It is only available when individuals provide it for non-commercial purposes such as charity or donation. However, for charity and donations, please contact us separately regarding corporate use.