About crochet patterns

Thank you for visiting the crochet pattern of the Ronique Store.Please read the following for the contents of the crochet patterns on this site.

[Items posted on the crochet pattern]
The following items are basically posted on the crochet pattern. If there are explanations with images and explanations of videos, they will be added to the crochet pattern.
 If the content is other than the following, it will be stated on the product page.
・ Yarn (grams) and crochet hook (number) used, or yarn and crochet hook / material used
・ Finished size
・ gauge
・ How to make
・ Chart with crochet symbols

[Correction and redistribution]
In producing crochet patterns, we repeat confirmation and strive to provide as accurate content as possible, but at the confirmation stage, there may be typographical errors that cannot be found or mistakes in symbols.
If an error in the crochet pattern is found, we will notify you on this site, and for customers who purchased the incorrect crochet pattern, we will send a download link for the correction file to the registered e-mail address. Please note that it cannot be redistributed to anyone other than the registered e-mail address.

[About the yarn used]
The yarn used may include the product name, the number of balls used, and the number of grams, or the material, thickness, and the number of grams. In addition, for works that utilize surplus yarn, only the material and thickness may be described.
In addition, even if the product name is listed, the product may already be discontinued. In that case, please refer to the number of grams of one ball and the winding (meters) for yarn selection.

[About gauge]
Regarding the gauge, we have described a guideline that can be used as a reference for a sense of size when creating a work. Please note that except for clothing and big works, it is not limited to the description of a general 10 cm square gauge (like knitted books etc.). For small items, the finished size may be more helpful, so please check it as well.

[About crochet symbols]
The symbols used in the crochet pattern do not include legends or explanations in the crochet pattern, except for special ones.
For general crochet symbol and its crochet method, please refer to the video explanation on the following page.
- Crochet symbols Https://ronique.jp/2020/12/06/symbols/