About "Ease" of the work

On the crochet pattern sales page of the Ronique Store, "Ease" is posted for reference to everyone who will be crocheting in the future. Ease is evaluated on a 5-star scale from 4 perspectives. I will explain these four perspectives in detail.
* Ease level here is an evaluation based on the sense of the recipe author Ronique. I think that there are individual differences in how you feel depending on the person who crochets, but we hope that you can use it as a reference.

[Mostly basic technique]
Here, we regard chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet as "basic techniques" and use them as one standard. 5 stars if using only basic techniques.
If you crochet other than the basic technique, use a technique that you do not use in simple works, or if the technique is difficult, the number of stars will decrease.

[Difficult to make mistakes]
The number of stars increases as it is less likely to make a mistake in crochet, such as when there is little change in the crochet pattern, the stitches are easy to pick up, and the stitches on the previous row serve as guides.
If there is a high possibility of making a mistake in crochet, such as when the crochet pattern is difficult to remember, the number of stitches changes slightly at the same tempo, or the stitches in the previous row do not serve as a guide, the number of stars will decrease.

[Good tempo]
If you can crochet without worrying about the number of stitches such as increase / decrease stitches, or if you can proceed without checking the crochet pattern once you start crocheting, such as when there is a certain rule of change, the number of stars will increase.
Such as the fact that there are many changes each time and you need to check the crochet pattern each time, the more often you stop, the fewer stars you will have.

[Completed in a short time]
The time required varies depending on the work, from those that are crocheted in one hour to those that take several months.
Based on the feeling of crocheting, the shorter the crocheting time, the more stars there are, and the longer the crocheting time, the fewer stars.