Apology and correction

When there is a correction in the Ronique Store crochet pattern, we will send an email to the purchaser with the download link of the updated file and the corrected part, and we will inform you on this page.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the error.
We will try to be as careful as possible in creating patterns.


Correction of "Shawl and Throw (ver.1) in Japanese"

● P5 Crochet diagram
Incorrect: Single crochet missing in the bottom left corner of Row 10.
Correct: Add one single crochet to the missing part.


Correction of "Flat Socks for Different Seasons (ver.1) in Japanese"

● P2 Socks length arrangement (3rd sentence)
Incorrect: 長編み
Correct: 中長編み


Correction of "Hishimochi and Hina dolls (ver.1) in Japanese"

● P4 Crochet Pattern Header Text
Incorrect: 【鏡餅(下)① 編み図】
Correct: 【菱餅(下)① 編み図】


Correction of "Neck Pillow (ver.1) in Japanese"

● Crochet diagram
Incorrect: 4 dc (4 rows, 1 stitch per row) missing in the inside right of the center.
Correct: Add 4 dc (4 rows, 1 stitch per row) to the missing part.


Correction of "Triangular Panel Stall (ver.1) in Japanese"

● Instructions 2 (2nd sentence)
Incorrect: 中長編み1目(くさり2目に見立てる)
Correct: 長編み1目(くさり3目に見立てる)

● Instructions 4 (2nd sentence)
Incorrect: 位最後に編んだモチーフを左端に配置し、Aの置からはぎ合わせをはじめます。
Correct: 最後に編んだモチーフを左端に配置し、Aの位置からはぎ合わせをはじめます。