Ronique Store Terms of Service

This "Ronique Store Terms of Service" (hereinafter referred to as "this Terms") describes each promise with the customer to use the Ronique Store (hereinafter referred to as "this site").
Please be sure to check this Terms before using the services provided by this site. This site provides services only to customers who agree to the contents of this Terms. In addition, if you use this site or the services of this site, you are deemed to have agreed to this Terms.
This site has "Terms of Use for Download Service" on a separate page when selling content. The "Terms of Use for Download Service" applies when you purchase the contents of this site.

The expressions in this Terms are used with the following meanings, so they are expressed here as definitions.
・ this Terms: Ronique Store Terms of Service.
・ Terms and conditions: Refers to the Ronique Store Terms of Service (this Terms), Download Service Terms, display of the Specified Commercial Transactions Law, and privacy policy.
・ Terms of Use for Download Service : Terms that apply when the customer pays for the use of the content. If there is a discrepancy or inconsistency between this Terms and the contents of the Download Service Terms, the contents of the Download Service Terms will take precedence. For matters not stipulated in the Download Service Terms, this Terms and conditions apply.
・ This site: Ronique Store (
・ Customer: An individual who uses the services of this site.
・ Crochet patterns, etc .: Refers to the crochet patterns, recipes, drawings, how to make, etc. provided by this site.
・ Service: Content provided by this site based on this Terms, response to inquiries, and information posted on web pages.
・ Contents: Products such as crochet patterns, kits, and lessons provided by this site.
・ Product page: A web page within this site that describes the content sold by this site, describes the selling price, and sells.

[Services of this site]
This site sells contents such as crochet patterns online. In addition, we may provide crochet-related works, kits, lessons, etc. In that case, we will notify you on the top page or each product page.
We do not print content or provide it on paper.

[Content usage fee]
Content usage fees will be listed on each product page. The payment method will be described in "Display of Specified Commercial Transactions Law".

[Rules for using this site]
(1) The customer shall comply with the provisions of this Terms when using the services of this site.
(2) Please manage the account and password created on this site at your own risk and do not disclose it to a third party.
(3) The texts on this site and the images and logos used on this site may not be duplicated or used without permission.
(4) The crochet patterns, etc. on this site can be used freely as long as they are for personal use only.
(5) The following use of crochet patterns, etc. provided by this site is prohibited.
・ The crochet patterns, etc. on this site cannot be duplicated or sold without permission.
・ It is not possible to sell works that use the crochet patterns, etc. of this site, or works that have been arranged (including consignment sales, auction listings, flea markets, and similar sales).
・ The organizers of classrooms, workshops, knit cafes, etc. that collect fees cannot distribute the crochet patterns, etc. of this site or use them as teaching materials.
・ It is prohibited to make a video of the crochet patterns, etc. of this site or the contents with arrangements so that they can be viewed on the web.
・ It is prohibited to post the crochet patterns of this site on the web so that they can be viewed on the web.
・ It is prohibited to engage in any other acts deemed inappropriate by this site.
(6) When posting a work based on the crochet patterns of this site to contests, open recruitment, or similar things, it is not based on your own original, but based on the crochet patterns of this site. Please add that clearly as follows. You cannot use the crochet patterns, etc. on this site without such a notation.
Refer to the crochet pattern of "Ronique"

[Attribution of rights]
The rights regarding all contents such as texts, images, and illustrations published on this site belong to the original author. Private reproduction of these contents may not be used beyond the scope permitted by law.
It is prohibited to copy, modify, reprint, sell, publish, or otherwise touch the copyright law or other laws without obtaining the permission of the original author.

(1) This site will endeavor to make sure that the content is correct, but it will be provided as it is, and we will not be liable for any defects or guarantees regarding the content.
The crochet patterns provided by this site do not guarantee that all customers can complete similar works with the same material.
Even if the same work is not completed according to the crochet patterns, etc., even if the amount used shown in the crochet patterns is prepared and the material is excessive or insufficient, this site will not take any responsibility.
If the customer discovers an error in the content and notifies this site by e-mail or inquiry form, we will endeavor to make corrections that we deem appropriate within a reasonable period of time.
(2) This site does not take any responsibility for any damage caused to the customer when using the work based on the crochet patterns of this site. Please use at your own risk.
(3) The linked websites that have links on this site are managed under the responsibility of their respective operators, and this site does not guarantee the contents. In addition, this site is not responsible for any trouble or damage caused by the use of the linked website by the customer.

[Compensation for damages]
This site shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use of this site other than those related to the commercial transactions between this site and the user. The amount of damages related to commercial transactions borne by this site shall not exceed the purchase price of the customer.

[Service change, cancellation / interruption, termination]
The services, configuration, terms of use, URLs and contents of this site may be changed or deleted without prior notice. In addition, the operation and services of this site may be suspended, interrupted, or terminated, in which case we will notify you in advance on the top page of this site. This site does not take any responsibility for any damage to the customer due to the change, cancellation / interruption, or termination of the operation and service of this site.

[Violation of rules]
(1) If the customer violates Terms and conditions, we may take measures such as suspension of use of the service and suspension of the account.
(2) If the site suffers any damages such as copyright infringement, business interruption, loss of profits, etc. due to the violation of Terms and conditions by the customer, we may claim compensation for the damages.

We will do our best to provide support for how to make the crochet patterns on this site, but we will not be able to provide support for arrangements that are not listed on the crochet patterns. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us using the inquiry form on this site.

[Revision of Terms and conditions]
This site may revise and change Terms and conditions and services at will. Any revisions or changes to Terms and conditions and Services shall take effect when posted on the designated page of this site. In this case, the customer shall comply with the revised this Terms, etc.

[Governing law, jurisdiction, etc.]
(1) Japanese law shall apply to the establishment, performance and interpretation of Terms and conditions.
(2)The Japanese version of this Terms shall be the original, and even if the interpretation of the translated Terms differs from the original, the interpretation of this Terms based on the original shall take precedence.
(3) Even if some of the provisions of Terms and conditions are invalid by law, each provision of Terms and conditions other than such invalid provisions shall be valid for this site and the customer.
(4) If a problem arises between the customer and this site in connection with the use of various contents and services provided by this site, both parties shall discuss in good faith. If the matter is not resolved even after consultation, the Sapporo Simple Court and the Sapporo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction courts of the first instance.