Terms of Use for Download Service

This "Terms of Use for Download Service" (hereinafter referred to as "this Terms") is a digital content download sales service operated by Ronique Store. are the terms and conditions that apply when you pay to use the content, and the user shall agree to this Terms in advance before using. In addition, when the user uses this service, it is assumed that the user has agreed to this Terms.
The Ronique Store Terms of Service, rules, guidelines, etc. shall apply to matters not stipulated in this Terms regarding the Service.

Terms are defined here, and abbreviations defined here will be used in this Terms.
This Terms: This "Download Service Terms of Use"
This site: Ronique Store
This service: Digital content download sales service operated by this site
Content: Digital content provided by download method in this service operated by this site
User: A person who uses the digital content provided by the download method in this service operated by this site.
Terms of Service: Ronique Store Terms of Service, rules, guidelines, etc.
Submissions: Content and any other files, emails or information provided to the User in connection with the Service.

[Use of content, etc.]
1. The user shall comply with the provisions of this Terms when using the content.
2. The operation, communication, purchase procedures, etc. for downloading content shall be performed at the user's expense and responsibility.
3. Copyrights, trademark rights, other intellectual property rights, and all other rights related to submissions belong to this site or the providers of the relevant offerings. The provision of this service does not transfer these rights to the user, and the user does not acquire any rights other than the rights expressly granted by this Terms.
4. The user may only use the purchased content by viewing and using it on one computer and one smartphone owned and managed by the user who downloaded it. Users are responsible for making backups in preparation for situations such as PC damage and OS reinstallation.
5. The user shall not perform the following acts beyond the scope permitted in the preceding two paragraphs.
・Modification, adaptation, duplication, distribution, presentation to the public, transfer to others, or lending of submissions (regardless of commercial purposes)
・Transmission or distribution to others using the Internet or other networks (including public transmission and transmission enablement)
・Creating secondary works using all or part of submissions, or other acts that infringe on the rights of rights holders
6. The site shall not be held responsible for any damages or disputes arising from the user's violation of the obligations set forth in the preceding paragraphs. In addition, if this site suffers damage due to such reasons, the user shall be responsible for compensating for the damage.
7. The user acknowledges that this site may terminate the handling of some content without notice, and that content that was used or was being considered for use in the past may not be available.
8. If there are individual provisions for each content, the individual provisions will take precedence.

[Prohibited matter]
When using this service, the user must not perform the acts specified in the following items.
(1) Reselling, distributing, assigning, lending, or transmitting content to a third party, regardless of whether the content is for commercial or non-commercial purposes, or otherwise assigning, lending, or pledging usage rights to a third party.
(2) Misappropriating the content to create and sell services similar to this service or products similar to the content.
(3) Acts that infringe or may infringe copyrights, trademark rights, or other rights of this site or other third parties.
(4) Using all or part of the contents of this site as trademarks, trade names, service marks or other indications of products, etc., in whole or in part, or registering them.
(5) Using the contents of this site for purposes that violate public order and morals. Regardless of whether it is against public order and morals, use it for pornography, the entertainment industry, unscrupulous business practices, adult sites, dating sites, gangsters, etc.
(6) Impersonating a third party to use the Service, or entering false information.
(7) Use in violation of special restrictions separately set for each content.

[Violation of terms]
1. If the user uses the content in violation of this Terms, the user shall compensate this site for all damages incurred by this site (including court costs and attorneys' fees) in addition to the regular usage fee.
2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the user shall disclose all items including the name, address, telephone number, name of the person in charge, etc. of the third party requested by this site at the request of this site.

[Purchase of content, usage fee and payment]
1. The method of purchasing content shall be in accordance with the provisions of this site.
2. The usage fee shall be determined for each content.
3. The user shall pay the consideration for the purchase of the content by the payment method specified by this site.

After the user has paid the price for purchasing the content, it cannot be canceled regardless of whether the content is used or not.

[Delivery of alternative data and refund]
1. If any defect or failure (refers only to defects or failures that prevent users from viewing or using content, and does not include content content, quality, lack of up-to-dateness, or other factors related to user satisfaction) is found in the content digital data itself due to reasons attributable to this site, or if the downloaded content is different from the order, this site will promptly We will deliver the content of the same contents to be replaced.However, this is limited to cases where this site receives notification within two days from the date of download by the user. If there is no contact from the user to this site by this deadline, it is assumed that there is no defect, damage, etc., or wrong product in the digital data.

1. This site strives to control the quality of the content, but does not guarantee any of the following items.This site shall not be held responsible for any damages or disputes caused to users or other third parties due to any of the following reasons, including cases where this has not been confirmed in advance.
(1) User's use of the content does not lead to the completion of the work for which it was intended to be produced.
(2) Regarding the content, images attached to the content, descriptions, etc., and their authenticity, accuracy, and reliability
(3) Rights processing such as copyrights, trademark rights and design rights related to content
(4) The content itself has usefulness, purposefulness and suitability for use for a specific purpose
2. This site shall not be held responsible for any of the following matters.
(1) Damages, disadvantages, and liabilities of the User related to the work completed as a result of the use of the Contents and to the use thereof.
(2) Damages, disadvantages, and liabilities of the User in the event of a dispute between the User and a third party or damage to a third party arising out of or in connection with a work completed as a result of the use of the Content.
(3) Damages, disadvantages, and liabilities incurred by users or other third parties as a result of information or advice provided by this site to users.
(4) Damages, disadvantages, and liabilities arising from the user's use of content for purposes or methods that violate these Terms, or use of content for which this site has notified the user of the suspension of use in advance.
(5) Effects of viruses, etc. and data corruption on the user's terminal equipment, communication equipment, recording media, software, etc. that occur or may occur due to the use of the contents of this site.
3. If this site determines that it is necessary, it may suspend or discontinue the provision of all or part of this service without prior notice. This site does not take any responsibility for the disadvantages caused to the user by it.
4. This site shall not be liable for any damages caused by system interruption, delay, discontinuation, loss of data, or unauthorized access to data due to communication line or computer failure, or any other damages incurred by users in connection with this service. 
5. In the commercial transaction between the user and this site based on this Terms, the damage caused to the user shall be limited to the direct and normal damage actually suffered by the user, except when there is intentional or gross negligence on the site.In addition, the amount of compensation based on such liability shall not exceed the amount equivalent to the consideration for such content per content.

1. The laws of Japan shall apply to the establishment, effective performance and interpretation of this Terms.
2.The Japanese version of this Terms shall be the original, and even if the interpretation of the translated Terms differs from the original, the interpretation of this Terms based on the original shall take precedence.
3. Even if some of the provisions of this Terms are held to be invalid under the law, the provisions of this Terms other than the invalidated provisions shall continue to apply to the Site and its users as if they were valid.
4. In the event that a problem arises between the user and this site in connection with the use of various contents and services provided by this site, both parties shall discuss in good faith.If the matter cannot be resolved even after consultation, the Sapporo Summary Court and Sapporo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional courts of the first instance.

[Revision of Terms, etc.]
This site shall be able to revise and change this Terms and this service arbitrarily. If there are any revisions or changes to this Terms and Services, they will take effect when they are posted on the designated page of this Site. In this case, the user shall comply with the revised terms.