How to use free coupons

We will explain how to shop using Ronique Store coupon codes. The explanation here is an example of when payment is free by using a coupon.
If you do not have an account, please create an account and log in (see also the "Shopping guide" page), as you will also need to log in to make purchases using free coupons.
Please note that we do not accept coupon application after the purchase is completed or order cancellation for repurchase using the coupon.

[1] Select the language of the product, put it in the cart, and proceed to the purchase procedure.

[2] Enter the coupon code and proceed to payment.

[3] After confirming the contents and price, complete your order.


[4] Completion of shopping.

This page will be displayed when the shopping procedure is completed.
An email containing the download link for the purchased product will be sent to the registered email address.