"Winter yarn shoulder" A Crochet Pattern

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A crocheted winter yarn bag that can be enjoyed by changing the length of the shoulder strap.

You can crochet it according to your purpose, such as wearing it over your shoulder and carrying it under your arm, or as a crossbody bag.

It has a gusset and a plump silhouette, so it can be combined with a thick shoulder.

And in fact, this is a bag that is beautiful in all directions, all made of the same pattern stitch.
The flap is also seamless.

With this pattern stitch, the beginning chain is not conspicuous, so I think it is convenient to hold it in any direction.

かぎ針編み 冬糸ショルダー ショート

For the work, I used 100% wool yarn, about DK.
The amount of yarn is listed below, so please refer to it.

It felt just right to be this thick.

Alternatively, it might be cute to crochet a pochette size with a little thinner yarn.

While maintaining the texture of the wool, we have made some adjustments to prevent stretching and reinforce it, so please check the pattern.

We recommend crocheting this bag with yarn that is not too heavy.

If you want to crochet with summer yarn, please keep this point in mind and use it as a little information when choosing yarn.

Vivid colors also seem to match the winter sky.
Please enjoy it with your favorite color!

Mostly basic technique: ★★★★☆  
Difficult to make mistakes: ★★★★☆  
Good tempo: ★★★☆☆  
Completed in a short time: ★★★☆☆  

 [crochet pattern] 
This pattern includes charts and additional textual explanations.

- Japanese
Product number: CH01-015
Format: PDF file, A4, 5 sheets

[Yarn for reference]
Motohiro City Melange Namibuto
・Short shoulder [Col.1] 220g (8 balls)
・Long shoulder [Col.10] 240g (8 balls)