"Shawl and Throw" Crochet Pattern

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This pattern includes instructions for both a crocheted triangular shawl and a throw.

As a bonus recipe, I have also included instructions for making a pincushion with two motifs.

While the pattern does involve some special stitches, they are not difficult to master, and you'll find that it progresses smoothly once you start working on it.

We have prepared video tutorials and step-by-step image instructions for the special stitches. Please refer to them for assistance.

Once you have become familiar with special stitches, I hope you'll enjoy exploring different variations when you feel like trying something a little different.

crochet triangle shawl triangle stole

I used a wool yarn for the shawl that's about sport to DK weight.
It's a lovely, natural-looking yarn called "Motohiro Mini Sports Alpaca 30."

Because I chose a slightly thicker yarn for the shawl, it provides warmth akin to that of a blanket.
The crocheted fabric isn't overly thick, making it easy to drape around oneself.

I used 13 skeins of this yarn, which was just enough for me. However, since the pattern has a considerable number of rows, variations in gauge might lead to significant differences in the total amount of yarn needed. It's best to have some extra yarn on hand just to be safe.

crochet throw blanket

The grey blanket was crocheted using bulky wool yarn. It's the "Motohiro Shelly Pure Wool Bulky" yarn.

Finishing with precisely 18 skeins of yarn, the blanket was completed.
Given its bulky nature, variations in gauge could have a significant impact, so please anticipate fluctuations in yarn quantity when preparing.

With the pattern changes, I think the blanket has a distinct texture even with just one color.

For those who enjoy joining motifs, it might also work to connect several squares without making them as large and create a single blanket or throw.

crochet motif pincushion

The bonus pattern for the pincushion was crocheted using a yarn of about fingering weight.
Since a slightly thinner yarn seems appropriate, you might consider crocheting it tightly with a lace yarn.

There are some slightly see-through areas in the crocheted fabric, so when you fill it with polyester cotton, it might peek through the gaps, creating a slightly whitish appearance.
To counter this, I tried stuffing it with leftover yarn in a similar shade instead of polyester cotton.

While the sample piece is a pincushion, it can serve as a suggestion that you can also crochet cushion covers for room use using a similar technique.

If you were to crochet it, what would you choose? I'm very curious!

Mostly basic technique: ★★★☆☆
Difficult to make mistakes: ★★★★☆
Good tempo: ★★★★★
Completed in a short time: ★★★★☆

[crochet pattern]
This pattern includes charts and supplementary explanation.

- Japanese
Product number: CH02-043
Format: PDF file, A4, 9 sheets

[Yarn used]
MOTOHIRO Mini Sports Alpaca 30
White [Col.1] 390g(13 balls)

[Yarn used]
MOTOHIRO Shelly Pure Wool Bulky
Light Gray [Col.3013] 540g(18 balls)