"Ribbed shoulder pouch" Crochet Pattern

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I tried making a ribbed crocheted fabric into a drawstring shoulder bag.
It has a compact size, resembling the image of a pouch.

The ribs have a firm texture with a plush, cushioning feel.

The highlight of this pouch is that the lining is integrated.
There's no need to hesitate about attaching an inner lining.

Thanks to the wool, it's a privilege of autumn and winter crocheting that even with a double structure, it doesn't become too heavy.

Also, the shoulder strap I achieved with this piece has become my favorite.
I was looking forward to finding a string that was wide, cute, and easy to crochet, but I couldn't find it.
After trying various ways, I was quite excited when I settled on this one.

crochet, shoulder bag, pouch, ribbing, drawstring

For this project, I used DK weight wool. The yarn for the lining is also about DK weight.

Although the lining yarn happened to be slightly finer, I believe it's best to use the same thickness for both the outer and inner layers.
DK weight yarn is easily accessible, so please try crocheting with combination of DK.

Using different colors for the outer and inner layers can serve as markers while crocheting, so I recommend it. Feel free to spend some time considering the color combination.

The sample pieces were both chosen in natural colors, but since the shoulder bag is small, vivid colors would definitely be also cute!
I can imagine the combination of vibrant red, blue, or fluorescent pink with the ribbed pattern giving off a trendy vibe.

I hope you enjoy playing with the color scheme as part of your autumn-winter fashion statement.

crochet, ribbing, pouch, shoulder, bag, crossbody

The structure of this pouch is very simple.
Therefore, I almost forgot to mention size adjustments in the pattern. Of course, size changes are possible (I have added an easy amendment to the pattern).

By the way, the brown piece is 15.5cm tall x 18.5cm wide, so it's big enough to fit a smartphone with a case inside.

For the ribbed pattern, I used a special stitch. It's not particularly difficult, so as long as you pay attention to the stitch count, there shouldn't be any issues.

This time, I made a longer instructional video for the crocheting process.
If you have any questions, you can play the necessary parts from the link in the video's comment section and follow along.

I also have a video tutorial for making the shoulder strap.
It actually utilizes a technique that has been around for a while, so some of you might be familiar with it. I hope you'll enjoy it as a slightly fresh way to crochet string.

Now, what color will you choose for your outings this autumn and winter?

Mostly basic technique: ★★★☆☆
Difficult to make mistakes: ★★★★☆
Good tempo: ★★★★★
Completed in a short time: ★★★★☆

[crochet pattern]
This pattern includes charts and supplementary explanation.

- Japanese
Product number: CH01-022
Format: PDF file, A4, 7 sheets

[Yarn used]
Yuzawaya Washable Wool DK [Col.11] Brown 103g (4 balls)

Motohiro Mini Sports Alpaca 30 [Col.1] White 36g (2 balls)