"Fringe Tote" Crochet Pattern

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Crocheted with fringes as a distinctive feature, this bag comes with collapsible handles.

This bag was born from the idea of "I want a bag with handles like this!" so the handles become a subtle highlight.

The fringes on this bag don't take longer to crochet than the main body, so please be sure to crochet them carefully.

For this project, you will need to use a steam iron.
Once the fringes are crocheted, hover the steam iron over them, letting the steam settle the stitches without directly pressing the iron onto the fabric.

crochet fringe tote bag folding handle

This bag features the use of "Shizen no tsumugi Namibuto(Natural Spun DK)" generously provided by Olumpus.

We also offer a pattern for a "3×3 Rib-inspired scarf" in different colors of the same yarn on a separate page, so be sure to check that out.

"Shizen no tsumugi Namibuto" comes in a generous volume of 100g per ball.
Two balls were sufficient to complete this bag.

The yarn is very easy to crochet, and its density is also perfect for making the bag.

The lightness of wool and the smooth feel of cotton blend harmoniously, giving a gentle touch. There is no fuzziness, so it seems to create minimal friction even when paired with a wool coat (and it looks less likely to form pills!). 

When I saw the color variations of this yarn, the first one I wanted to crochet was this orange shade.

I don't usually opt for orange that often, but it's bright yet calm, with subtle shades, making it a unique and captivating color.

It seems like it will work well as a fashion accent color.

The bag shown in the photo below is the first prototype made with dark green yarn. Although a different yarn was used, it was still a DK weight yarn.

crochet fringe tote bag different colors

The first prototype had a slightly different pattern for the main body of the bag, and the stitch pattern appeared skewed.
The improved version with the orange bag's pattern is included in the pattern.

The pattern for the dark green bag is also provided as a reference, so you can crochet it using this pattern if you prefer.

Special stitches are used in both the orange and dark green bags, but the crochet techniques are straightforward, and there shouldn't be any issues if you refer the video instructions.

As additional materials, 4 rectangular rings are used. Using these, you can make the handles collapsible.

With attention to details in parts like fringes and handles, this bag is enjoyable to have, so take your time and enjoy finishing it!

Let's go out with a handmade bag this autumn-winter season.

Mostly basic technique: ★★★★☆
Difficult to make mistakes: ★★★★☆
Good tempo: ★★★★★
Completed in a short time: ★★★★☆

[crochet pattern]
This pattern includes charts and supplementary explanation.

- Japanese
Product number: CH01-023
Format: PDF file, A4, 7 sheets

[Yarn used]
Olumpus Shizen no tsumugi Namibuto(Natural Spun DK)[Col.109]Orange 195g(2balls)

Bag hardware / rectangular rings S23-4 (inner diameter 15mm)