"Triangular / square 2way shawl" Crochet Pattern

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A crochet shawl with a lace-like atmosphere.
Since it is knitted in a square shape, it can be folded into a triangle or a rectangle, so the usage can be changed, so we named it "2way".

Start crocheting from the bottom, spread toward the center, and crochet while reducing the number of stitches in the second half.
Since the central part has many stitches to be crocheted in one row, it is recommended to check if there are any mistakes after crocheting in one row every time.

This shawl is also popular with people of my mother's generation.
By the way, my mother used to do a lot of crochet lace, so I guessed that it might be reminiscent of the crochet lace that was popular at that time.

If you want to give it as a gift for Mother's Day, why not start crocheting early?
It is a big work crocheted with fine yarn.
It's a long-term crochet work, so be sure to find your favorite yarn.
When completed, it is a shawl with a very sense of accomplishment.


In the work in the photo, I used Holst Garn Coast, a soft and soft yarn.
As it is made of wool cotton yarn, it has become a shawl that can be used all year round.

The crochet pattern also includes "Overall design (outline) and number of stitches" on the last page.
Here, I wanted to put it so that the whole thing could be conveyed, so the figures and letters are very small.
When printing to A4 size, the characters are very small, so if it is difficult to see, please enlarge the part you want to check with a PDF file.

Crochet pattern Triangle Square 2way shawl work imageCrochet pattern Triangle Square 2way shawl work image

Mostly basic technique: ★★★★★
Difficult to make mistakes: ★★☆☆☆
Good tempo: ★★☆☆☆
Completed in a short time: ★☆☆☆☆

[crochet pattern]

This pattern includes charts and additional textual explanations.

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Format: PDF file, A4, 6 sheets