"Solar Polka Dot Shawl" Crochet Pattern

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This is a crochet shawl with a large openwork pattern.

The design covers the back completely, so I added a tassel to make the back look better.
If you prefer, you can add fringes instead of tassels.

I think it's a type of work that you can crochet without looking at the chart because you can memorize how to crochet a shawl by crocheting several rows.

It seems to be good for crocheting in the gap time or carrying and crocheting.

Crochet shawl back view

This time, I used linen-cotton yarn, which has a simple texture and is about as thin as a fingering.

This yarn has already been discontinued, but I used 130g of 40g/155meters yarn, so please use it as a reference.

This pattern is easy to adjust for size variations.
You can crochet as large as you want, so please crochet to your preferred size.

In that case, the number of tassels will change, so it is safe if you have enough yarn to prepare.

I deducted one star from the [Ease] rating of 'Mostly basic technique' because the use of double treble crochet stitch, which may be less familiar to some in Japan.

If you can crochet a treble crochet, you can do the same with a double treble crochet.

It is easy to understand because it is a crochet symbol and has one more diagonal line than the treble crochet.

In the treble crochet, yarn over the hook twice and crochet, but in the double treble crochet, increase it by one more time and yarn over the hook three times and crochet in the same way.

There are no particularly difficult parts, as everything else uses basic techniques.

This pattern has a cool, sheer look, but it's also fun to try crocheting it with a winter-weight yarn for a different effect.

Try crocheting with your favorite yarn.

Mostly basic technique: ★★★★☆
Difficult to make mistakes: ★★★★★
Good tempo: ★★★★☆
Completed in a short time: ★★★☆☆

[crochet pattern]
- Japanese
Product number: CH02-038
Format: PDF file, A4, 5 sheets
Pattern instructions: Chart and supplementary explanation

- English
Product number: CH02-038EN
Format: PDF file, A4, 8 sheets
Pattern instructions: Written pattern and chart